Thank you for being our valued customer.

It has been a pleasure to serve you.

This is a home owner in Sengkang.

Amos, the owner of Crizto, has demonstrated great understanding of plumbing solutions available, and he readily shared his experience of resolving similar challenges elsewhere during our initial discussions.

As part of the project delivery process, his actions have proven that Crizto is indeed serious about achieving high customer satisfaction.

~ Mr Tels Glob (Sengkang)

Customer feedback via Google Review on 16-01-2020

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Good knowledge and excellent service 👍🏻. Solved my hot water issues that has been there for years… 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

~ Allan Foong (Rivervale Crescent)

Customer feedback via Facebook Review on 22-11-2019

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This is to appraise plumber Amos & his co-worker for a job well done on Sat 9 Nov 19 from 1235 to 1425 at postal code ***594.

Water seeping from kitchen wall and was hard to be detected. Amos has carried out a thorough non-destructive troubleshooting and finally narrowed down to the possibility of the concealed damaged hot water line supply to the sink.

On my approval of renewing the ceased valve on the storage heater and hence having it shutdown for isolating the hot water to the sink. The fault was remedied.

A good word to Amos for his expertise, strong leadership, good patience and excellent performance.

Also not forgetting customer-friendly coordinator Ms Wendy for well arranging to make this repair happened.

They are certainly a good asset to your organisation.

Client cum house owner

~ Herman Fong (Upper East Coast Road)

Customer feedback via email on 10-11-2019

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Amazing workmanship and service! A few months ago my home received an unusually high water bill.. we called the Singapore Plumbing Society to engage someone to help fix the problem. A few hours later, Amos from Crizto shows up.. for those who need an English speaking plumber, Amos is your man! Crizto managed to fix our leak (which was under our driveway) within just a couple of days.. their workmanship is superb. On to the next project.. We recently did some light addition and alteration to an apartment.. if you are dreading engaging a separate contractor for flooring, painting, cleaning etc, Crizto is also the company to look for! Amos took care of everything! Special mention must go to their on site project manager Michael and his team.. they are the most patient and dedicated workers I have ever come across in Singapore.. they were happy to fix every small issue, and did so with a smile.. Besides the great workmanship, I would recommend Crizto mainly because of their work ethic.. Unlike most contractors, they were never late, and are always responsive to messages and calls. Need plumbing work or more? Call Crizto!!

~ Marvin Khoo (Bedok Residences)

Customer feedback via Google Review on 11-10-2019

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Would give 6 stars if possible. We’ve been suffering abnormally high water bills for months but we struggled to find the leak (turns out to be a concealed pipe beneath a garden wall.) I first tried calling a few plumbers I found on google, but either their quotes sounded high or when I asked about certain technical aspects they sounded annoyed and brushed off my questions.

I called PUB and was referred to the Singapore Plumbing Society, after a quick call with them, I was put in touch with Crizto. The team led by Mr. Amos went above and beyond my expectations. In all they replaced over 6m of concealed water piping and various fixtures.

When it comes to home DIY, my friends always ask for my help. I’m the kind that would prefer using S$200 to buy a new power tool and fix something myself rather than calling a contractor. Things like renovating a kitchen, tile work, washroom fittings, lighting, and storage water heaters I can generally handle on my own. But in the last 14 years, whenever I’ve engaged a contractor, I’ve been mostly disappointed. Workmanship and ‘craft’manship is often below that which you would see in the US, Canada or Europe; where many take pride in their craft, skills and the value they bring to their customers.

Many times I’ve felt frustrated by the lack of attention to detail and the conscientiousness to treat the project as if it were their own home. I can not overstate how impressed I am with Mr. Amos and the team from Crizto. I felt like they treated my home as their own and went above and beyond what was expected and also what was ‘quoted.’ They took time to properly assess the problem and make sure that all my existing fixtures were not damaged in the process. Mr. Amos is the most hands-on boss I’ve met so far; throughout the job he was constantly involved in the labour and engaging his team to pay attention to the details.

They provided me with an elegant solution that prioritised longevity, even at the cost of additional material (piping elbows, reducers and brackets); not once did he bring up the topic of adjusting the original quotation. I was genuinely surprised. To be honest, when I saw the work that they were doing, I quickly went to pay the remaining balance over paylah, out of fear that they would ask for more money at the end of the job and I wanted a stronger position to bargain from.

On top of all this, they even helped me replace the riveted hinges on my water meter compartment door, and used extra cement to help me re-tile some loose tiles on the top of my wall. I offered Mr.Amos a washer from my toolbox to replace the handle of the compartment door, and he had the conscientiousness to check if it was stainless steel to avoid corrosion . Mr.Amos also entertained all my questions, even the ones that seemed to annoy the other contractors (questions about galvanic or electrolytic corrosion when using two different metals in a water piping system…yes I’m one of ‘those’ guys.)

After all was done, I paid only what was originally quoted. Which, I might add, was the lowest of all the quotations I was given by the other companies. I sincerely hope Crizto and Mr.Amos thrive and continue to raise the bar of contractor work in Singapore.

I know its a long review, but I hope it helps anyone looking for a solutions provider with a spirit of excellence.

~ Moses Largado (Wishart Road)

Customer feedback via Google Review on 23-08-2019

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Just to share a sincere appreciation to the Crizto Team. Excellent Job!!! If you are looking for a water leak surgeon, Crizto are the right people. I had a leak buried in concrete in my house. I can hear water flow but cannot see. My regular plumber seems lost. Don’t know what to do. I contacted PUB. PUB said they don’t do leak detection anymore, please contact “Singapore Plumbing Society” …[alamak!].

Lucky Cizto Boss Amos picked up. They came on that same day. Use high tech listening equipment. Located the leak. Knew where the regular risers was. Next day started work. Navigated a new pipe around the garden and into the riser. Removed grass and wooden decking. Operated carefully on the concrete. Clinically cutting open the concrete riser. Enough to seal and re connect. Then replaced and reinstated the grass, wooden deck and seal the concrete. Amazing job in less than 8 hours.

Next day did the finishing to bury the by pass pipe. Change my gate valve and called in the PUB guy. I am impressed. Plus next day gave me a line drawing and a report and told me I can claim water leak from PUB.

Also some extra work they did like welding the manhole and etc, I am speechless. Thank you Crizto, Thank you Amos and his men. Truly recommended license plumber.

~ Ken Loke (Park Villas)

Customer feedback via Google Review on 26-07-2019

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Staff attitude and workmanship is very good. Thanks

~ Lee Cheng Huat

Customer feedback via Facebook Review on 19-03-2019

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Quality products with reasonable pricing. Happy with the after sales service also. Would recommend.

~ Aaron Ng

Customer feedback via Facebook Review on 16-03-2019

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Quality products with reasonable pricing. Happy with the after sales service also. Would recommend.

~ Max Ng

Customer feedback via Facebook Review on 12-02-2019

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Greatest appreciation to Jes and Amos. perfect customer service. Both of them went the extra mile to assist and solve my problems when I was installing the seat cover on my own.

Amos was literally guiding me thru the entire process by calling me from his mobile phone and exchange of pictures for pictorial guidance was greatly appreciated.

Crizto, you have a great team and their selflessness is commendable!

~ Mohamed Kamrul Amin

Customer feedback via Facebook Review on 29-01-2019

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I would like to compliment the 2 installers Purushothaman and Chellaiah from Crizto Singapore Pte Ltd.

They are very professional in their works. They reached my house on time for the appointment. They are friendly too and even advise my family members how to save water.

Please tell Crizto on behalf of me that they employed such a wonderful and efficient workers.

Thank you PUB.

~ Ng Lee Chin

Customer feedback via email on 06-06-2018

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I like to take this opportunity to thank Crizto management who has been working closely with PUB to change my HDB unit WC seater. The whole process of this changing is very smooth going. The in charge will arrange to send somebody to my house to inspect on my WC seater. Another date was fixed for their plumbers to come down to my house to do the changing of WC seater.

The plumber, Karuppiah and Karuppan, who came to my house were very warm and friendly. They are very professional in their task that they can finished their work within the stipulated time. Can you imagine that they have been to many houses to install the WC seater and still have warm and friendly gesture to do their task. Their passion for work is truly appreciated. I am so happy for your company to have such employees. Thumb Up.

Nowadays is very difficult to find good employee who has passion for work in their daily task and good customer service but I do find the employees in Crizto having such employees. Please send my regards and compliments to the two plumbers and the person who called me for arranging the dates for changing the WC seater.

Thank you.

~ Richard Heng

Customer feedback via email on 17-05-2018

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I would like to take this opportunity to commend on your 2 Indian foreign plumbers assigned to this job. I am so sorry that I do not have their names as I left the completion form (with their names on it) in the flat. From your rooster, I am sure you will be able to know who they are.

Please convey my appreciation to them for a job well done, and their professionalism and dedication in carrying out their jobs. They assisted in cleaning up the place upon completion of the installation. They are also very well-mannered and have very pleasant characters when engaged in small chats with me and my wife. All in all, thanks.

Have a great week ahead.

~ Ang Chee Keong

Customer feedback via email on 18-04-2018

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I refer to the replacement of two toilets water closets and the three tap heads which was carried out on Wed, 7.2.18, by Crizto contractor. The job was carried out efficiently by the two personnel of the Crizto contractor, I managed to recall one of them as Karu. They were very patient in doing their job.

I take this opportunity to thank PUB Chief Engineer (Water Demand Management & Inspectorate) and all his/her staff who had corresponded with me since Dec 17. Please also convey my appreciation to Crizto contractor in particular one of her staff Ms Lee Wah. I really appreciate for her understanding to allow me to choose a date at my convenience.

I take this opportunity again to wish all the Chinese personnel of PUB and Crizto personnel, A Happy, Prosperous and Healthy Lunar New Year.

~ Joseph Chua

Customer feedback via email on 08-02-2018

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