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Event: International Facility Management Expo (iFaME) 2013

Venue: Marina Bay Sands
Date: 7th May – 9th May 2013

As the building industry in Singapore expands and undergoes significant re-building and enhancement of infrastructure, the need to maintain and manage these properties becomes crucial and this is where Facility Management plays the important role.

The inaugural International Facility Management Expo (iFaME 2013) brought together the expertise and talent that makes for excellent facility management, showcasing relevant products in facility management and also a meeting of minds for professionals who want to further their knowledge of their discipline and build contacts within the industry.





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Event: BuildTechAsia2012

Venue: Marina Bay Sands
Date: 15th May – 17th May 2012

The leading trade show for the building and construction industry hosted by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) featuring almost 70 exhibitors.

Crizto Singapore Pte Ltd is the competition sponsor for BuildTechAsia2012 Skilled Builders Competition.

The Skilled Builders Competition was a prelude to the exhibition conference during the productivity week. Participants pitted their skills in the specialized trade categories of System Formwork Installation, Drywall Installation, Telescopic Handler Operations, Crane Operations and Building Information Modelling. The challenge was to produce accurate and high quality work within a designated timeframe – essential requirements for today’s construction industry.





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Event: LOO (Let’s Observe Ourselves) Carnival & Awards 2011

Venue: City Square Mall
Date: 24th November – 25th November 2011

The LOO Carnival & Awards Ceremony organised by the Restroom Association (Singapore), seeks to raise public awareness on the right restroom culture and recognise organisations and individuals. The LOO Awards recognises efforts made by organisations and individuals in promoting and enhancing the standard of restroom cleanliness.

Crizto Singapore Pte Ltd, as a leading supplier of sanitwary ware in Singapore, strongly supports the initiative and is the Platinum Sponsor for the event.





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Event: Green Festival 2011

Venue: Marina Square
Date: 29th April – 1st May 2011

Quote: “a tasty tactile platform at feel and experience innovative designs that are more than just the quotient of being stylish but also eco-chic for an urban lifestyle.”

As part of our corporated social responsibility, Crizto Singapore Pte Ltd is proud to participate in the Green Festival 2011 in support for the Singapore’s Green Movement.

Leading our enviromental friendly products is our Crizto’s Water Closets, in pearl white ceramic, are eco-friendly and stylish, characterised by its ergonomical contours and great thickness to ensure steadiness. Combining water savings and efficiency in flush function is our pride and uniqueness.