I like to take this opportunity to thank Crizto management who has been working closely with PUB to change my HDB unit WC seater. The whole process of this changing is very smooth going. The in charge will arrange to send somebody to my house to inspect on my WC seater. Another date was fixed for their plumbers to come down to my house to do the changing of WC seater.

The plumber, Karuppiah and Karuppan, who came to my house were very warm and friendly. They are very professional in their task that they can finished their work within the stipulated time. Can you imagine that they have been to many houses to install the WC seater and still have warm and friendly gesture to do their task. Their passion for work is truly appreciated. I am so happy for your company to have such employees. Thumb Up.

Nowadays is very difficult to find good employee who has passion for work in their daily task and good customer service but I do find the employees in Crizto having such employees. Please send my regards and compliments to the two plumbers and the person who called me for arranging the dates for changing the WC seater.

Thank you.

– Richard Heng

I refer to the replacement of two toilets water closets and the three tap heads which was carried out on Wed, 7.2.18, by Crizto contractor. The job was carried out efficiently by the two personnel of the Crizto contractor, I managed to recall one of them as Karu. They were very patient in doing their job.

I take this opportunity to thank PUB Chief Engineer (Water Demand Management & Inspectorate) and all his/her staff who had corresponded with me since Dec 17. Please also convey my appreciation to Crizto contractor in particular one of her staff Ms Lee Wah. I really appreciate for her understanding to allow me to choose a date at my convenience.

I take this opportunity again to wish all the Chinese personnel of PUB and Crizto personnel, A Happy, Prosperous and Healthy Lunar New Year.

– Joseph Chua

I would like to take this opportunity to commend on your 2 Indian foreign plumbers assigned to this job. I am so sorry that I do not have their names as I left the completion form (with their names on it) in the flat. From your rooster, I am sure you will be able to know who they are.

Please convey my appreciation to them for a job well done, and their professionalism and dedication in carrying out their jobs. They assisted in cleaning up the place upon completion of the installation. They are also very well-mannered and have very pleasant characters when engaged in small chats with me and my wife.
All in all, thanks.

Have a great week ahead.

– Ang Chee Keong